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we accept credit cards


In person at the reception
By phone at +48 77 433 40 84
By e-mail at hotelpiastnysa@poczta.onet.pl

Booking making

The first step is to make of a reservation with one of the above ways and is treated as an unconfirmed reservation. Placing a reservation request should be treated as information that the room is free on the day of acceptance and is pre-booked until the prepayment arrives.

Guests do not have to pay in a advance and may at their own risk arrive, hoping that the room will not be rented until their arrival.

Booking confirmation

In order to have the reservation valid, the contracting party shall pay a prepayment in amount of 40% of the sum resulting from the calculation. The payment must be made within 7 days from the date of placing of the reservation. Until then, the initial reservation remains an unconfirmed reservation, non-guaranteed.

When the hotel is notified the money arrived on the bank account and after checking that the room is free changes the reservation status to the confirmed one and then informs the visitor by e-mail or telephone. The hotel after sending confirmation agrees that the reserved room will be prepared for the guest from 2 pm on the day of arrival.


Prepayment is possible in three ways:
- in person at the hotel front desk
- to the hotel bank account
Zespół Hotelarsko - Gastronomiczny Piast
ul. Krzywoustego 14
48-300 Nysa
ACCOUNT NUMBER: BS 61 8905 0000 2001 0023 5659 0001
(Commissions shall be borne by the payer)
- by credit card

Payment for the stay

The payment for the stay is issued on the date of arrival.
In case of the hotel guest’s earlier than expected departure, the hotel is not obliged to refund the cost of a unilateral withdrawal from the agreement

Personal data

The customer confirms the accuracy of the provided personal information and agrees to their inclusion in the hotel database. The data will be used exclusively to allow full booking process in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data of 28 September 1997. The customer has the right to check and modify the information provided.

Coffe Restaurant

48-300 Nysa
Ul. Krzywoustego 14
tel. +48 77 433 40 84
tel. +48 530 228 328