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Regulamin hotelu


Hotel rules

1. Order regulations have been issued by the owner of Hotel Piast in order to ensure order and safety of hotel guests. These regulations also define the rules for the use of living quarters at the Piast Hotel.

2. Living rooms in the hotel are rented to guests for days. The hotel day starts at 2 p.m. and ends at 12 p.m. the next day. If the guest does not vacate the room at 12.00, it will be the basis for charging for the next started night, but it does not guarantee the extension of the stay.

3. The hotel guest should settle the payment for the stay on the day of arrival, during check-in. An ID card is required to check-in. If the ID card raises doubts, the receptionist has the right to ask for a second document confirming the identity of the registered person (driving license, passport) without giving any reason. Failure to pay for the stay in advance entitles the receptionist to refuse to check in the guest and give him the room key.

4. In the event of a room reservation and no-show by 6 p.m., the hotel reserves the right to vacate the room without informing the Guest about it or, in the case of having a Guest card number, to charge a fee for one hotel day.

5. A request to extend beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, the hotel guest should report to the hotel reception by 11.00 on the day on which the term of renting the hotel room expires. The hotel may disregard the guest's wish to rent a room in the absence of vacancies.

6. The hotel guest is not entitled to transfer the room he releases to other people, even if the period for which he has paid the fee for the stay has not expired.

7. Accepting visits by hotel guests living in dormitories should take place in public spaces.

8. Persons who are not hotel guests (not checked-in at the hotel) cannot stay in a hotel room from 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. the next day.

9. Due to the fire protection requirements, it is forbidden to use: heaters, electric irons and other similar elements that do not constitute the equipment of these rooms and that may create a fire hazard.

10. Smoking in the hotel rooms, corridors, staircase, reception hall is prohibited.

11. The hotel may refuse to accept a guest who has grossly violated the hotel regulations during the previous stay, causing damage to hotel property or guests, or damage to

guests, hotel employees or other people staying in the hotel or restaurant, or otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of guests or the functioning of the hotel .

12. The hotel has the right to refuse to provide services to a guest who is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, if his behavior raises reasonable doubts in the employee’s mind.

13. The hotel has the right to shorten the stay of a guest who is clearly under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, if he/she fails to comply with the regulations, acts to the detriment of the hotel, disrupts the stay of other guests.

14. If the Guest does not comply with the regulations and breaks the generally applicable rules of social coexistence, he may be asked by the staff to leave the rooms belonging to the Hotel.

15. The hotel is not responsible for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest. The hotel guest acknowledges that the on-site car park is an unguarded car park.

16. Each time leaving the room, the Guest should close the windows, turn off the TV, turn off the light, close the taps of the water supply, check that the door is locked, and leave the key at the reception desk.

17. Early departure for reasons beyond the control of the hotel (illness of a hotel guest or a member of his family, other random accidents involving the guest requiring him to leave the hotel) do not entitle him to claim a refund for unused services.

18. The hotel guest has the right, for an additional fee, to live in a room with an animal. The willingness to come with an animal should be reported at the booking stage.

19. The hotel guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of the hotel equipment and technical devices that arise from the willful or unintentional fault of the hotel guest and visitors.

20. The hotel guest is obliged to reimburse all costs related to the loss or damage of the key.

21. Personal belongings left in a hotel room by a departing Guest will be sent to the address indicated by the Guest. If such an instruction is not received, the Hotel will store these items for 3 months. After this date, these items are forfeited to the hotel.

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